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January Update

Unfortunately I’ve not had a great start to the year due to my back injury persisting. I’ve been allowed to do certain strength exercises and biking this month. I can really feel my biking coming along, which is great so I can focus on swimming and running when I’m allowed to train normally again. I’ve been allowed to re-introduce a tiny bit of swimming last week to see how my back responds, and I’ve not had too much pain or discomfort which is really encouraging. It was also just really nice to catch up with my friends, everyone in my squad and my swim coach Danielle, who has been great so far at helping me do the right things to get back on track. I also have to thank the physio Andy and Jack, my coach who is overseeing all my training. Ive been doing Pro Endurance Coaching bike sessions which are really helping my biking too.

Sorry for the short update this month but I’ve really not got much to say, hopefully my back heals and I’ll have more to say next month.

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