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May Update- Bike crash with Broken Elbow

May has not been a good month. Unfortunately I crashed off my bike while training and broke my elbow (olecranon fracture specifically). It required surgery too so I had 5 screws and a long plate put into my elbow to support it. Fortunately after surgery i was not put in a cast and allowed lightContinue reading “May Update- Bike crash with Broken Elbow”

April-British Triathlon Performance Assessments

April was all about the British Triathlon performance assessments, which was the qualifying race for the Youth Commonwealth games in Trinidad and Tobago. To qualify I would to get top 6 overall and 1st scot. The 400m swim was up first on the Saturday. Although we didn’t get a pool warm up, we still managedContinue reading “April-British Triathlon Performance Assessments”

March update- much of the same

Throughout March I have been building intensity slightly within my training as the British Triathlon Performance assessments draws near. There is an explanation of how it works in my previous blog, but I’ll include it at the bottom too. However, on the whole training has been very similar to the last few months, and runningContinue reading “March update- much of the same”

September update – last couple races

As mentioned in my previous blog my next race was on the 1st of September in Loughborough- the school games 2022. It was a very different format to normal. On the first day there were aquathlon heats and finals. On the second day there was an individual circuit test, and then a few hours laterContinue reading “September update – last couple races”

August update-BSS grand final

August has been the best month of this year so far. All. My niggles and injuries have finally healed so I’ve just been increasing my training steadily. I also raced the British Super Series grand final in Sunderland. I had an awful start after getting pushed back on the start line(it was a beach start)Continue reading “August update-BSS grand final”