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Start of Year Update

It’s been a while since my last post, but there’s much more positive news. I had a few weeks off, then a few weeks of less than 10k/week running at the start of this year/end of last. However, I started getting shockwave treatment on my achilies, thanks to the Scottish institute of sport, which has helped massively, along with the exercises my Physio, Andy, has given me. Thankfully, this has meant I have been able to build my running volume slowly, and I am now doing 1 session a week. This session is currently capped at 12 minutes of work, but it is still much more than I was doing a few weeks ago.

Supporting the boys on the sideline

My bike and swim training has been fairly consistent, just ticking over like normal aiming for consistent training leading into the first race of the year, British Triathlon Performance Assessments. This race consists of a 400m swim time trial in a pool, then a bike-run pursuit the next day, based of your 400 swim time. It is an interesting format, a bit different to usual because open water is still too cold, but I find it favours the weaker swimmers aa they are able to recover after the swim. It is also the qualifying race for the youth commonwealth games, so I will have to give everything regardless of whether I like the format. To qualify, I need to be in the top 6 athletes, and the first Scottish athlete. Qualifying for the Youth Commies is a big aim for me, and so I am targeting this race.

Finally, it is a pleasure for me to announce that I will continue to be supported by Pedal Potential for the next season, and so a massive thanks to them for continuing to believe in me after a below par season last year.


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