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End of year update

After a wonderful end to the season, I had a week off to let mind mind and body recover. Normally I would have a bit longer but because I had missed so much training due to injury I decided to take a bit less time off. Since I was injury free at that point I was able to start running again, however I didn’t start doing full running, just 25 km a week. I did this for 2 weeks and then got a bit of pain in my lower calf, which turned out to be an achilies tendonopathy. Due the my lack of running this year, my body broke down after even a little running, and to cut a long story short, I am still recovering from it. It is definitely getting better, and although this is the worst start possible to training for next season, I’m doing everything possible to get back running. I’ve been doing lots more cycling due to the lack of running, and a little more swimming, in order to maximise my other disciplines.

I’ve not done any cross-countries because of this Achilles tendonopathy so there are no races to speak of apart from a few swim meets, which I’ve been doing to keep ticking over. This biggest one was the Scottish short course championships, in which I swam the 400 free, going 4.28 adding on 12 seconds to my pb. I had been swimming well enough in training so this was a big surprise, but all I can do is my best and keep working hard.

Hopefully next year is better Happy new year to everyone


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