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June-Lochore Aquathlon

In June I continued to build back up to full training, but it didn’t go as smoothly as planned. I was building up training until Lochore Aquathlon in mid June, but had to take a few days off after that due to sickness. Then I had to take a further week easier as a tendon attached to my hamstring was irritated, and its always better to back off early than get a serious injury (as I’ve learned through experience) so that is what I did. However I did enjoy racing at Lochore.

It was a multi-race format, with 3 races and your best 2 results counting towards the overall result. In the first race I swam worse than expected – I thought that since I had done some swim training I would have been close to the front but in reality I was still way off the pace. I came out in about 8th and also had an awful transition, however I was happy with how my run went because I hadn’t done any fast running in 6 months so had no idea how I would be. I ended up finishing in 7th.

The second race went slightly better as I was able to position myself better and come out in 6th, quite close to the leaders. My transition was better but I still have a lot of work to do, and I ran myself into 4th. In third race the swim went out very quickly, but I didn’t meaning at the first buoy I was out of the top 10. In the last straight I managed to swim myself up into sixth and from then it played out the same as the second race, and I came 4th. I was also 4th overall which I’m quite proud of considering how much training I’ve been doing but way off where I ultimately want to be.

Finally I got myself a new pair of Huckson bib shorts to try out. I love them and I’d recommend you go and get some for yourself. Sorry I don’t have many pictures from the race- I just couldn’t find any more.

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