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May update-still building

Fore this month has just been about progressing total training load and introducing running. I’ve now started doing very short easy runs as opposed to the previous run the walk stuff.

I’ve been doing some swimming and cycling, but I’m still a good bit off my normal training as I have to be very careful to not get injured again. I’m hoping to do my first race back at lochore aquathlon however I don’t think I’ll be allowed to run hard, I’ll just have to jog it. I’m also hoping to do a few more races later in the year just so I don’t completely lose the feel for racing for next year, which I’m really focusing on now. It has however been great to get out on my bike a bit in the good weather. I’m just really enjoying the process at the moment and trying to be the best I can with the training I’m allowed to do.

I actually also managed to do my first open water swim of the year, which was great but the water is still quite cold here in Scotland. It was my first time wearing my new huub wetsuit so it was great to swim in that.

Finally, I’m excited to share that Huckson are now releasing new cycling gear, which I know lots of hard work has gone into. Go and check it out at

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