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April Update

April has been a lot better than March for me. After my 4 weeks off the doctor said that my fracture should be healed so I’ve been getting slowly back to biking and swimming, and I’ve been doing some plyo work (mostly hopping) to prep for my return to running. I’ve only been training for a few weeks but I’ve already seen some big improvements, however I’m still a long way off being race fit, and I think it’ll be a good few months before I’m anywhere near race fitness. It’s been great getting out and about (I’ve been doing a lot of walking too) since the weather’s really picked up here in Glasgow which has made it really enjoyable to be outside.

Although my fracture has healed and my back has felt a lot better, it is still a little bit sore sometimes which is due to my posture and the way i bend my back when under pressure, so my physio thinks its more postural back pain now, which means i can slowly increase my training. I have to thank my Physio Andy as he’s been great at helping me manage my back and indetify what the problem is, and I have to thank my coach Jack who’s been planning my return to training with Andy.

I was also at The scottish national swimming championships, although I was just there to see and support my friends and teammates. This is always one of, if not the biggest competition of the year for my club, because there is a team award that we are usually in the running for. We had never won it before, but had come second many times. This year we were leading the for the whole meet and we were presented with the award on the last day. I was also there so got to celebrate with the team- we jumped in the pool as our celebration, but there was also face and body paint.

On another note My Scotland trisuit for this season has arrived so i can’t wait to put it to use. Its quite a bit tighter than the other one but still fits and thanks to yonder and Tri Scotland it also had the pedal potential logo on it too-and it looks great!

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