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March update-not so good

March hasn’t been as good a month with my injury, but there is some positive news. so, the MRI scan picked up some heat on one of the vertebrae in my lumbar spine and I subsequently had to go for a CT scan. The CT scan was much quicker than the MRI- about a third of the time. The results from the CT came back saying that I had a stress fracture in that vertebrae. I’ve been told that it should take 3-4 weeks to heal and then I’ll be able to train normally and race again. Unfortunately I won’t be competing this weekend at Performance Assessments but I’m hoping to have a good race at Llanelli in March, my next big race. Although its not great to have a fracture I’m happy that my physio, Andy, the doctor, Jonathan and myself have finally found out what the problem was, and now know exactly what to do how long it’ll take to heal, as I was really getting frustrated with just doing some training not knowing what the problem was. I’ve just been enjoying the time off and making the most of it.

Team Huckson

On a much more positive note, I very excited to announce that I’ll be joining the Team Huckson crew. They specialise in sports clothing, with some casual things to and their products are of great quality. Check out their website . I’ve also got to give a massive thanks to Sportsaid Scotland for the cheque I have received from them- it’s a great help when there’s so much kit needed for triathlon. Last but not least, thanks to Huub, British Triathlon and Triathlon Scotland for the Huub Brownlee Agilis wetsuit that I’ll be using this year. I’ve got the limited edition gold version so if you want that one you better get it quickly before stocks run out! Finally, I just wanted to let you know that I was in the 3rd episode of the latest superleague documentary series (29:52, and 30:15).

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