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West Districts Cross Country and West Districts swimming

I had quite a tough November in terms of training, since I had a sore back which took me out for a week. I still managed to get some decent training in, squeezing in a 100km ride in big week. Swimming is becoming more focused since there are already swim meets coming up.

First up up was West Districts swimming, which fell in my big week, which was quite unlucky. I had 4 swims over 2 sessions. I swam pretty badly in my morning swims-100free and 400im but went on my long run at lunchtime (18km) and I surprisingly swam quite well in the afternoon, pbing in both my events-400fc and 100back, for which I went 1.03. Maybe I should train right before every race!

Onto West Districts Cross Country and I was racing for my club, Giffnock North, along with about another 10 club mates. The race had the under 17 and under 20 age groups in the same race, so it was a larger race than usual. I started much too slow, potentially as I didn’t do strides as I needed the toilet right before the race-oops! It was a very hilly course of just under 6km, but thankfully started downhill. After about the first 3km I started moving up the field pretty quickly. After 3km I was in about 15th (out of u17 and u20, about 10th u 17) and then by the end I had caught up to 5th u17. I was very happy with my second lap, and I think could have come 3rd, with better pacing and if I was rested. I’ve got a swim meet then a swim camp coming up this month, and I’m planning on taking on a big challenge just after Christmas-will reveal more soon.

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