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April Blog

April over so into May and towards the races. Solid 4 week block of training and pools opening up in the middle. Got back to the pool on the 26th of April so at time of writing been back for 1 and a half weeks. The first week had really easy sessions but somehow I still felt really tired on Sunday! Didn’t feel great in the first few sessions but I’m already starting to feel better and stronger. Did lots of band work and conditioning during lockdowns that’s definitely paid off. On the bike I’ve been doing 2 sessions a week with my group, one being ftp over-under and the other being 8 min builds. I’ve also just moved up a run age group to u17 (although I’m still only 14) so the group is quite a bit quicker, but I think that’s good because now I’m chasing, rather than being chased which I think is better for training. I running really well at the moment, which is probably because of my consistent training in lockdown, where we doing longer hard reps. Now we’re starting to shorten the reps and make them quicker, as we move into track season. My first race back is Leeds triathlon on the first weekend in June, then Lochore aquathlon (part of super series) 3 weeks later and then the performance assessment for super series a further week later. I’ve also got a run TT coming up the weekend so that will be a good benchmark. I’ll keep updating my blog to keep you updated.

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